Fruits Ablaze is a new kind of platform for creatives to publish, promote and sell works of fine art, craft, including associated merchandise and services. We are passionate about what we do and offer personal support and advice to help promote and sell artists’ work.

championing artists

Fruits Ablaze exists to bring together a wide range of creative practitioners, to provide a presence and voice to a wider public, including people not used to dealing with original works of art or poetry.

We aim to champion the work of visual artists such as fine artists, crafters, designers, as well as poets and creative writers.
The website offers a space bringing together all kinds of creative practitioners, including fine artists, crafters, designers and poets.
The website offers artwork and related merchandise for sale at realistic prices, with information about each artist.

Fruits Ablaze will look to organise off-line exhibitions and events throughout the year to further promote the work of creative practitioners using our site.

We would like to hear from dedicated artists working in any medium producing original work, who may be interested in showing their work.
Potential buyers are encouraged to browse through the carefully arranged sections on the site. Please do ask if you need any assistance by emailing us (see below). We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.
Buying creative products online can be fun. Transactions are accessible and transparent to ensure an easy art-buying experience.

Authentic Art

Visual art is a fundamental component of the human experience reflecting the world and the time in which we live. Art is a source of inspiration, reflection and joy; it can help us understand others and ourselves in a unique manner.

Authentic art expresses ideas that are personal and meaningful. It is what dedicated artists have done in the past and contemporary artists continue to do today.

Original artworks are made by artists, they are unique! The artist spends an enormous amount of time and effort to create their artwork, the rarity and distinctive quality of original artwork is inimitable.

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing original art over mass produced images, particularly given the rich array of mediums, styles and images conjured by emerging and less established artists.

Art can enhance our wellbeing; the depth of unique art has exceptional qualities when displayed in a chosen space. An original work of art will change the ambiance a home or work space, you will be able to find new fascinating features every time you view it, offering a personal and lasting engagement with the piece.

There is always a chance that original art purchased directly from a gallery or an artist will increase in value over time, based on the originality of the artwork or the success of an artist.

Original art purchases are emotional and financial investments, providing joy and an increase in value over time.
Contemporary Art can be difficult to define or describe, there is no common style. Artists approach their work in a multitude of ways through diverse uses of media and materials to convey a wide array of concepts, themes, and subject matter. Artists can be inspired by anything with the work often growing out of their own interests or expressions of self.

Supporting artists

Help to spread the word about the artist in your community! By supporting living artists you’re helping to make sure that their work continues to develop and be seen. You’re also supporting a unique vision of the world as well as joining a tribe to frame the verve and exuberance of the art world, by following in the footsteps of past generations of support and patronage. You’re helping to spread creativity!

If you like an artist’s work, buy it! It sounds simple, but this is actually one of the best ways to support an artist. Buying their art supports them financially and helps increase demand for their work. It also means that they have more opportunity to make new works of art in the future.
Fruits Ablaze acts as an agent, an intermediary with sales and information on behalf of individual artists, crafters, designers, poets and creative writers. In some instances we may be able to extend special offers and deals, or pass on any offers a buyer wishes to make regarding a potential purchase